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How to Build a Home-Based Floral Design Business That Turns Clients Into Fans
Without Sacrificing Your Profit Margins or Answering Emails on a Friday Night!

LIVE with Ben & Mary Love Richardson
Learn from our experience with...

• Mary Love's 165+ weddings
• Ben's 6 years in content and marketing
Mary Love normally charges $75/hour for private coaching calls. In this free class, you’re going to learn much of the SAME information she shares with floral designers during those one-on-one calls. Plus, we’ll have a Q&A time at the end, so you can get answers for YOUR business!
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What You'll Learn In This FREE Live Class!
Email Hack!
How one simple strategy could save you 31 hours of emailing this year!
Spreadsheets Are Easy!
 How to overcome your fear of spreadsheets so you can create detailed design plans even if you’re “bad at math!”
Profit & Portfolio
How to make a wedding look awesome for your portfolio and still make a good profit – even when the bride has a small budget.

I recently took the Juniper Made course and it was fantastic! I have been able to incorporate some of the ideas and business strategies I learned... Since adding these small details, I've booked 3 new brides in 2 weeks!


Juniper Made does an amazing job specifically targeting [pricing, mark ups, financially growing your business, etc] and explaining them thoroughly and thoughtfully. You can tell Ben and Mary Love have put their whole hearts into this course and held nothing back!

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